The 10-year power is handing to shake, flapping wings to rise to fly nine.Developing medium south limited company of the Junyu racks tries the professional manufacturer whom the domestic produced racks at the earliest stage, domestic the first building elevator racks was born in my company in 1986, and registered for the American individual proprietorship business enterprise in 2005, registered funds USD 2,000,000, became Chinese biggest racks production and exported a base.Mainly selling toward each steeling factory of domestic, shipbuilding factory, precise tool machine factory, automation machine is several 100 fixed suppliers such as factory and each distribution company etc., and export nations, such as Western Europe, Middle East and Southeast Asia...etc. and region.

Nantong Junyu Racks CO.,Ltd Existing more than 200 persons of officers and workers, among them, deluxe 2 engineerses, 10 engineers, own fixed assets 20,000,000 dollars, the year is production value 50,000,000 dollars.Mainly produce 1~32 molds to count standard racks , the English system racks and various mark racks not, the accuracy can reach to 7~9 classes.The company owns one the whole set of strict quality management system, provided with optics projection an instrument etc. a series nicety measure instrument and 16 pedestals whole distance produce supervision system.Have 25 full-automatic nicety numbers to control racks the appropriation tool machine flowing water line and whet , dub out currently and the in general use tool machine of more than 20 sets.

"Junhua"racks It is had an absolute competition ability in go together the industry by"superior quality, excellent price, efficiently".The company passed ISO9000 international quality system an attestation successively, is guaranteed center by the light product quality in China to keep promise a business enterprise, city reputation AAA class business enterprise, city 100 strong business enterprises for"the quality, prestige double guarantee to demonstrate unit", "quality, serve, prestige AAA brand", south City AAA class reputation business enterprise, south City heavy contract, south civilization unit, city in City is collectively advanced, the city pay tax a big door a gold prize etc. many honors.

Nantong general yu rack in progress Co., LTD is located in jiangsu province west.ningqi haimen yue come to exit the 2 km, nantong airport 30 km. As for the Shanghai satellite city, high speed and planning in the Shanghai west.ningqi chung Sue highway has an hour into the production condition of Shanghai economic circle; The west.ningqi railway construction and planning in the Shanghai railway traverses chung Sue haimen thing north and south; Worship and bridge (under construction), worship the sea bridge (it), pudong roas tunnel, the sutong bridge, the sea is too QiDu, major traffic brings great development, production condition with the high speed development of Shanghai will and plug in a pair of wings, nantong general yu rack Co., LTD will with the economic takeoff of haimen soar!

There is companion to don't as well come from afar to enjoy!

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